Bandit was a camper on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of Wayhaitam Maskwak.


Bandit is a pup who learned how to survive in the streets. When he was little, he and his sister Maple were left behind when their owners moved. After an encounter with Killer's dad Diablo, he was seperated from her. He had to scavenge for food and fight mean dogs just to avoid starving. Shortly after their seperation, he saw an Alaskin Husky pup named Dartheus who needed help. Feeling bad for him, Bandit took some food from a nearby food stand and gave it to the pup. Together, they decide to open the Stray Pup Sanctuary with Bandit controlling the day-to-day operations and going out with Dartheusin search of pups who need help.

He saves his sister and her boyfriend from Diablo with help from Dartheus. A little while later, he meets Kailey while out looking for strays. She moves into his sanctuary for a little while before leaving with a group of strays. He also meets Smoky while on a mission to look for strays and they quicky become best friends. He leaves a few months after Kailey in search of Rocky. Bandit is a little bit older than Smoky.

Bandit first started dating Angel after a blind date but a little while into the relationship, he fell in love with Angel's sister Halo. So he decides to break up with Angel in order to be with her sister and the two of them couldn't be happier.

He raises his niece Destiny alongside his and Halo's three pups Amy, Bounty, and Cody after Maple and her husband perished in a fire.

In the future gen, Bandit enlists in the army leaving the Sanctuary in Barley's paws. He felt that after saving strays, he wanted to save more lives so his job is to search for firearms. Destiny was against this because she doesn't want to lose him like she lost her parents. Months after enlisting and a month after being deployed, he is reported MIA. His fate is unknown.

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