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    Hello everyone! It's me Sway-Sway, I know that I am the creator of this wiki and this series and you may be wondering, why would you post. Who May Be Returning? Well I am giving you a rundown of who may, and may not return in our future seasons. These are not official. So let's begin with our list starting with Alex.


    The last time that Alex has competed was, Total Drama World Tour, he was the first contestant to be voted out. And he has competed in Total Drama Island. So the chances of him returning are slightly half, possibly more. So in my opinion out of 100%, Alex has about a 60% chance of returning next season. His plots are not finished and he could have some new interactions with some of the other contestants. As for RR 2, unles…

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    August 13, 2016 by Sway-Sway

    Everyday at least 1 contestant will be eliminated, and it will be showing who my favorite contestant is. I will link the template so you guys can create you're own!

    52nd: Sugar

    51st: Mia

    50th: Timothy

    49th: Shimmer

    48th: Jamie

    47th: Lucas

    46th: Kelly

    45th: Rodney

    44th: Dave

    43rd: Doty

    42nd: Ryder

    41st: Jasmine

    40th: Porter

    Cody (returns later)

    39th: Johana

    38th: Alex

    37th: Andrew

    36th: Robert

    35th: Katie

    34th: Eve

    Cody returns

    33rd: Benny

    32nd: Tyler

    31st: Everest

    30th: Proton

    29th: Shawn

    28th: Cody (again)

    27th: Penelope

    26th: Topher

    25th: Ryan

    24th: Lilac

    23rd: Skye

    22nd: Zuma

    21st: Scott

    20th: Darwin

    19th: Ness

    18th: Mike

    17th: Colin

    16th: Marshall

    15th: Kiki

    14th: Dirge

    13th: Silver

    12th: Chase

    11th: Brutus

    10th: Trooper

    9th: Rubble

    8th: Bandit

    7th: Austin

    6th: Smoky

    5th: Fletcher


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