The following is a Total Drama contestant participation table, listing the placements of every contestant that has competed on the show.

Abigail TBA
Alex 16th 18th
Alexis TBA
Allison TBA
Amber TBA
Andrew 13th
Anthony TBA
Austin 1st/2nd 6th 5th 9th
Bridgette 10th 14th/15th 16th
Brody 1st/2nd
Cameron 1st/2nd 7th
Carrie 5th
Chet 11th
Cody 17th 3rd
Courtney 14th 4th 6th/7th 5th
Crimson 7th
Dakota 7th
Dave 7th
Dawn 11th
Devin 5th
DJ 8th 11th 12th
Duncan 4th 1st/2nd 5th 8th
Dwayne 9th
Ella 9th
Ellody 16th
Emma 4th
Ennui 7th
Eva 12th
Ezekiel 22nd 18th
Geoff 6th 14th/15th 1st/2nd
Gerry 17th
Gwen 1st/2nd 12th 9th 4th
Harold 13th 5th 17th
Heather 3rd 9th 1st/2nd 10th
Izzy 7th 10th 13th
Jacques 3rd
Jasmine 4th
Jay 12th
Jen 14th
Jo 5th 12th
Josee 3rd
Junior 9th
Justin 20th 7th
Katie 19th
Kelly 13th
Kitty 4th
Laurie 15th
Leonard 13th 18th
Leshawna 5th 8th 15th
Lightning 1st/2nd 13th
Lindsay 9th 6th 14th 14th
Lorenzo 11th
MacArthur 1st/2nd
Mary 16th
Max 5th
Mickey 12th
Mike 6th 1st/2nd
Miles 15th
Noah 21st 11th 8th
Owen 1st/2nd 3rd 8th 8th
Pete 17th
Rock 10th
Rodney 11th
Ryan 6th
Sadie 15th
Sam 10th 11th
Samey 10th
Sanders 1st/2nd
Scarlett 6th
Scott 4th 3rd
Shawn 1st/2nd
Sierra 4th 9th
Sky 1st/2nd
Spud 10th
Staci 13th
Stephanie 6th
Sugar 3rd
Tammy 18th
Taylor 13th
Tom 14th
Topher 8th
Trent 11th 13th
Tyler 18th 10th
Zoey 3rd 1st/2nd
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