Jared Emmett Jameson Anderson was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers and was one of the finalists of the season. He later returned as a cast mate on Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers. And returned for Total Drama World Tour on Team Amazon. He was seen on the yacht first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He does return for Total Drama All-Stars on the Heroic Hamsters, but in TDAS Episode 5: Moon Madness he became a Villainous Vulture.


Jared, he is a good friend when it comes down to trust, sometimes he can goof around and backstab you just as play though. He speaks in a British accent. Jared has ADHD though he is able to somewhat control his attention span, it takes a while for him to get angry like you have to really annoy him before he freaks out. He likes Pizza and Tacos but his favorite thing is Peppermints, he loves those. He doesn't like Sour things because he has a very very low tolerance, he once passed out due to it. Jared is a average intelligent pup, he is sometimes very serious and wants to get down to business.


Jared is the first contestant to know someone from the TDRR cast, the contestant he knows is Exile, they met when Jared was in need of help and they became good friends since then.

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