Chris: last time on Total Drama, our 14 cast mates from Total Drama Island arrived at this abandoned film lot to compete for 1 million buckos. And they met their very first challenge which was to run from the giant robotic monster, and it was crazy. What will be the challenge today and who will go home? Find out today on Total,Drama,Action!

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The campers are in one trailer

Ryan: why why one trailer Colin smells like garbage

Colin: I DO NOT!

Austin: Ryan, can you be nice for once?

Ryan: why should I?

Rocky: because it's kind of annoying now seriously

Ryan: eh, no it isn't

Topher: it kinda is

He combs his hair

Tundra: Topher....

Topher: yes?

Chase: you are obsessed with you're self seriously

Topher: not really anymore

He takes a mirror and smiles

Rocky: okay sure

Jared: has anyone realized that um lets say that we haven't even had teams yet?

Marshall: was it that hard to say in once like shorter sentence


Chase runs over to her

Chase: what is wrong?

She kisses him on the cheek

Chase: hehe thanks

Shimmer: such a weirdo

Chase: oh pa lease

Chris: everyone please meet me outside

Everyone walks out and looks at Chris

Chris: todays challenge is going to be a little crazy

Jared: I'm sure yesterdays was crazier

Chris: todays will be even crazier trust me

Porter: that doesn't sound good

Lilac: yeah

Chris: well look over here we have a person to help us out meet Mr. Storm!

Jared: WHO?

A guy walks over and stops in front of them

Mr. Storm: welcome, today I will be you're main villain in todays challenge

Austin: that sounds absolutely lovely

Chris: let him speak please

Rocky: yeah

Mr. Storm: you're challenge is to go into that building over there and survive without getting shot by this

He pulls out a laser gun


Tundra: oh brother

Topher: he isn't here

Tundra: never mind this

Shimmer: everyone shut up now

Jared: dang Shimmer


Benny: oh boy!

They run in

Chris: so Mr. Storm what's new

Mr. Storm: just got out of jail

Chris: uh, what?

Mr. Storm runs in

Chase: were dogs against a human dude, we don't stand a chance!

Jared: I thought only Zuma says dude

Skye: nah

Austin: this isn't going to be very easy then

Topher: hopefully he doesn't hit my face or my hair

Tundra: Rocky lets go this way before I kill Topher

Topher runs away

Rocky: he is quite annoying

Marshall: where do we go

Skye: no idea

Chase: here this way!

Jared: Austin, Benny this way

Porter: it's just you and me Colin


Shimmer: me to losers

She gets hit in the head

Shimmer: ow darn it

Mr. Storm: she is down haha

Porter: LETS MOVE!

Ryan: let's go yeah

He trips Ryan

Colin: OW DUDE!

Benny: look out!

Benny drops down

Jared: with what!

He runs into a pole

Austin: wow idiot

Jared: I feel dizzy

Mr. Storm: well well well

Benny: uh oh

Jared: let grow!

Austin: grow? You mean go?

Jared: sey

Benny: RUN!

They start running except Jared

Mr. Storm: well he's done for

He shoots Jared


Chase and Skye walk into a secret room and start making out

Chase: just us two

Marshall: guys let's go

Rocky: yeah Chase


Skye: yeah

Tundra: we have been following you

Marshall: yeah did you guys not know?

Chase: um I don't know

Marshall: this is crazy


Tundra: oh no run!

Rocky: slippy dippy

Marshall: ok what the

Chase: shoot us we don't care

Mr. Storm: ok

He shoots both Chase and Skye

Chase: that felt refreshing

Mr. Storm: weirdo's

He runs

Skye: this is awesome

Chase: you know it is

They both laugh

Austin: I hope this will end soon

Benny: same with me

Chris gets on the loud speaker

Chris: we have our winner

Colin: what who?

Chris: well 2 winners actually Ryan and Lilac

Chase: it's over yay

Chris: meet at the stage for the elimination

Everyone goes to the stage

Chris: I am shocked to say that both Chase and Skye are out due to their kissing problem

They both shrug and walk to the limo

Chris: you to Mr. Storm

Mr. Storm: why

Chris: JUST GO! Who will go home next time here on Total Drama Action!

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