Chris: our previous episode of Total Drama, our campers had a stay up all night challenge and let's say some of them fell asleep (Cough) Kiki (cough) anyways then they had a race to where the teams were created. The gophers won once again and the bass had Ryder leave. Who will go home tonight on, Total Drama Island!

Bass cabin....

Rubble: I can't believe Ryan did that

Chase: same here, why wouldn't he have eliminated me?

Colin: I say we give him pay back, right guys?

Robert: I'm in

Zuma: me to dude

In gophers

Rocky: how dare you Ryan

Ryan: what?

Rocky: don't what me with you're stupid tone

Ryan: ok, back up and calm down

Marshall: you rigged the votes and made Ryder go home

Ryan: so?

Skye: it isn't a so related argument

Ryan: shut up all of you

Jared: make us

Porter: you won't

Topher: I love this hair

Austin: not the time Topher

Topher combs his hair back

Tundra: can you please not worry about you're hair, it is nice but seriously....

Topher: it is a national treasure, don't hate

Benny: okay... weirdo

Chris: please report to the gym area

Kiki: gym area? Where

They walk to the dodge ball court

Penelope: uh oh

Shimmer: great what is this

Chris: todays challenge is a classic high school game, dodge ball

Ryan: I know who I am gonna pelt first

Marshall: were dogs, we can't throw balls

Chris: Alex is a human

Alex: haha yeah!

Robert: us bass don't have a human

Chris: to bad not my problem

Rubble: what?

Chris: 3 rounds, 5 on 5, gophers have 2 not play at all but are immune

Rocky: I think Tundra should be safe

Marshall: and Skye, ladies shall relax

Chris: ok first up for gophers Benny,Jared,Marshall,Porter and Topher

They line up

Chris: and bass, Chase,Lilac,Robert,Rubble and Zuma

They line up

Topher: we got this guys

Chris: GO!

Chase throws one and Benny ducks

Benny: you!

He whips it and it bounces and hits Jared in the face


Benny: sorry it was a accident

Chris: 4/5 gophers

Tundra: that was friendly fire

Chris: it counts

Rocky: no way!


Topher takes out his phone

Chase throws the ball and it hits him in the face


He throws the phone at Chase


Austin: what no!

Chris: everyone say, thank you Topher

All: thanks TOPHER!

Topher shakes

Tundra: great were losing now THANKS TO YOU

Topher: maybe you should have replaced me then!

Austin: guys knock it off

Chase knocks out the other gophers

Chris: and Chase takes the cake!

Jared: what cake?

Chris: next group, gophers Alex,Austin,Rocky and Ryan

Chris: and bass Colin,Kiki,Penelope,Shimmer

Chris: GO!

Ryan grabs one and whips it at Colin and he flies into the glass

Chris: ouch!

Colin starts to cry

Robert: dude what the heck!

He runs over

Ryan: uh sorry bro!

Everyone looks at him shocked

Tundra: did he just

Rocky: no way

Ryan throws it and hits Shimmer


She runs at him and punches him in the face

Ryan: DUDE NO!

Chris: Shimmer, no don't do that

Lilac: watch it

Chris: ok, so it seems like the bass win because YOU GUYS ARE STALLING

Bass: woo!

Chris: the round, not the challenge

Chris: our final challenge is a one on one

Rocky: oh boy


Tundra: NO!

Topher: aww yeah baby


Colin: no dude no

Topher whips the ball and Colin ducks

Colin: oh I dodged!

Tophers phone rings

Topher: yello

Colin throws the ball and knocks Topher's phone out of his hand

Topher: NO!

Chris: the Bass win!

Bass: WOOO!

They all hug Colin

Chris: gophers, to elimination

Tundra: I know who I am voting

Chris: I am sleepy, so here catch

Austin: what?

He throws marshmellows to everyone but Rocky and Topher

Rocky: uh oh

Chris: the final marshmellow goes to







Chris: Rocky!

Rocky: woo!

Topher: this is stupid! I SHOULD BE HOST!

He kicks the wood

Chris: get to the dock

He gets on the boat

Chris: 3 down 19 to go, who will be eliminated next time on Total Drama Island!

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