Chris: we've been to the theaters, around the world, now we're taking it back where it all started at camp wawanakwa, this season is more dangerous than the others, the island has been highly toxicated, we have the same money a mount as before, let's meet our cast!

A luxary boat is coming towards the island

You see all the original contestants

Rocky: let's do this!

Tundra: Yeah!

KIki: all of us in one season!

The boat passes the island

Rocky: WHAT??

Chris: yep, we have all new contesnants fighting for the million, here they come now!

A small boat is coming


Scott: oh be quiet

Brutus: excuse me?

Scott: you heard me

Eve: I am so excited for this

Timothy: me to!

Andrew: I'll win this

Lucas: nope I will

Jamie: hi Scott

Scott: back off

Dirge: alright be quiet please

Doty: Kelly let's be friends

Kelly: no

Eve: ready proton

Proton: yep!

Mike: this is beautiful

Jamie: hi there handsom

Cody: ewww

Jamie: be quiet geek

Cody: HEY!

Jamie: Yeah

Chris: this is gonna be a rough season

Theme song

The boat stops at the dock

Lucas: finally!

Original competer KIki runs over

Kiki: oh man Chris what happened

Chris: you and the other old compteres arnt competing

Kiki: nooo!

He blows up KIki


Chris: welcome you 13 New competers

Proton: Yeah this is cool

Jamie: Mike you're cool

Mike: thanks

Chris: I will split you into 2 teams

Cody: cool

Chris: Mutant Maggots are Jamie,Cody,Lucas,Mike,Proton,and Timothy

Timothy: cool!

Chris: the Toxic Rats are Scott,Brutus,Dirge,Doty,Kelly,Andrew,and Eve

Scott: YEAH!


Kelly: wow

Scott: Yeah

Chris: go to cabins

Scott: hey Brutus wanna ally with me and Kelly?

Brutus: why?

Scott: we're evil to

Kelly: Yeah

Brutus: alright you got a deal!

Mike (gasps)

Chester: aye you young pups I'm a show you how to make a bed

Jamie: huh?

Mike gasps

Mike: what happened

Jamie: you went coco

Mike: ohhh

Jamie: but, I still like you

Cody: he just went, like cray cray

Lucas: yep, I like cray cray, Im very crazy

Proton: just please don't go crazy

Lucas: fine, I wont

In Toxic Rats Cabin


Kelly: stop what

Andrew: taking my stuff!

Scott: just be quiet Andrew

Eve: I gotta sit through this!

Dirge: I know, it stinks, I wish chase was here

Doty: to bad he isn't

Brutus: lets fight scott

Scott: ok

They get ready

Brutus punches him and scott flys into the wall

Scott: mommy I see stars

Brutus: anyone else?

Dirge: no thanks

Doty: Im cool bruh

Andrew: oh no, scott!

Kelly: move!

He pushes Andrew into the wall

Andrew: jerk

Kelly: really, im you're cousin, don't talk to me like that

In Mutant maggots cabin

Timothy: alright no fights, that's good

Jamie: yep

Lucas: theyre fighting, really bad though

Mike: theyre dumb, that's why

Chris: challenge time!

Mike: alright

Scott: lets just go, and stop fighting

Doty: yeah

Everyone gets to the area

Chris: you're first challenge is to, cut down this log, and race to the bottom of the hill, first team to arrive wins! GO!

Doty: come on rats, lets do this

Scott: throw me up brutus

Brutus: it will be my pleasure

Duncan: come on

Timothy throws the saw and it hits the rope and it falls on Duncan

Mike: ouchie


She lifts it up

Mike: thanks

They get on

Meanwhile brutus throws scott and scott cuts it down

Scott: yes!

Doty: get on

The maggots go down the hill

Mike: yes!

Jamie: were gonna win!

They arrive at the bottom

Just then original competer ryan runs over

Ryan: what the heck chris

Chris: what

Ryan: why arnt we competeing

Chris: you all got boring

Ryan: NO!

Chris: just go

Then the rats come down

Scott: oh its ryan

Ryan: who are you

Scott: scott, youre the main villain of the original seasons

Ryan: yep

Chris blasts ryan away


Chris: the maggots win! rats elimantion

Doty: wow

Andrew: you guys are horrible

Scott: well you just earned a elim man

Andrew oh no

Everyone votes

Chris: first safe is scott

Scott: yeah

Chris: Dirge,Doty

Doty: yeah

Dirge: woo

Chris: Eve,Brutus

Eve: yes

Chris: the toxic marshmellow goes to




Chris: Andrew

Andrew: aww, im out

Chris: yep, our new transportation is a hurl of shame

Andrew: aww man

He get on it

Andrew: bye

He gets flung

Andrew: AHHHH

Kelly: good for him

Chris: who will go home next time on Total Drama Revenge Of The Island!

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