Chris: last time on total drama, all new contestants at the same old island, the challenge was to cut down a log and ride it to the campfire, Andrew went home and only 12 remain, who will go home right now on total drama revenge of the island!

Theme song

Maggots cabin

Jamie: that was a awesome win

Mike: yeah, I guess

Proton: so now what, we wait for the end of this season

Timothy: we enjoy the rest of the time were here

Lucas: party!! wooo

Cody: yeah!

Jamie: cody you're soo geeky

Cody: am not

Rats cabin

Brutus: WE LOST, WOW

Kelly: I know

Doty: don't blame me

Kelly: im not im blaming Andrew

Doty: what did he do?

Kelly: slowed us down

Eve: he really didn't

Kelly: quiet or you're out next

Dirge: what a meanie

Eve: yeah he just yelled at me

Chris: challenge time

Everyone meets at the fire

Chris: todays challenge is to share deep deep deep secerts

Scott: oh no

Everyone goes to the lake, and sits on bleachers

Chris: ok im gonna ask, who did what and who ever did it must admit it, if not this happens

He presses a button and the bleachers lower into the water

Chris: understand

All: yes

Chris: ok first with maggots, who is a only pup

Mike: not me

Jamie: defiantly naw

Timothy presses the buzzer

Timothy: I am

Chris: ooo dirty huh

Jamie: not really

Chris: ok rats, who we them self in 9th grade?

Scott: I did

Brutus: how 1 year old actions

Scott: whatever

Chris: back to maggots, who has mpd

Jamie: mpd?

Timothy: what is that

Proton: no clue

Mike buzzes

Jamie: whats mpd

Mike: multiple personality disorder

Jamie: huh

Mike: never mind

Jamie: ok

Chris: ok rats, who is a failure at COD

Doty doesn't buzz

Chris: ok

He presses the button and they fly underwater

Dirge: who is it

Chris: DOTY!

Kelly: WHAT!


Brutus punches doty

Doty: chill out bro

Chris: the Mutant Maggots win!

Duncan: woo hoo!

Jamie: alright!

Proton: AWESOME!

Chris: Toxic Rats elim pls

Brutus: hes so done

Kelly: yep

Doty: (gulp)

Commercial break

Chris: and were back to our elimantion ceremony

Kelly: I know who's out

Scott: not me

Chris: safe is brutus

Brutus: YES!

Chris: scott

Scott: yay

Chris: dirge

Dirge: woo hoo

Chris: Eve

Eve: alright

Chris: last safe is





Chris: Kelly


Doty: say what

Kelly: BYE BYE

Doty gets the toxic marshmellow

Doty: well bye

He gets on the catapult

Doty: ugh 12th how disappointing!!!!!

He gets flung

Chris: and im switching people Jamie and Scott switch


Mike: bye

Chris: 11 remain, who will go home next time on total drama revenge of this horrible island, I mean of the island!

End of episode

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