Chris: last time on total drama, our friends had a dressing challenge, the maggots lost and timothy decided to go home, who will go home now on TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!


In the maggots cabin

Cody: final 8, this is sweet!

Mike: uh, yeah I guess

Proton: what's wrong?

Mike: oh nothing

Scott: you miss Jamie?

Mike: NO!

He punches scott

Scott: chill pointy

Mike: making fun of my hair huh?

Scott: yep

Cody: scott, back off

Scott: yeah, stick up for him wimp

Cody: you're the wimp here!

In rats

Eve: so lucas, where did you even get all that candy

Lucas: from a friend, jared

Brutus: the original idiot

Lucas: he isn't a idiot, but yes him

Brutus: he acts like one

Lucas: sometimes

Brutus: no all the time

Dirge: please don't start fighting

Chris: teams, are now gone!

Scott: oh great

Brutus: you and me scott final 2

Scott: okie dokie

Lucas: me and mikey

Mike: uhh,suree

Eve: me proton and dirge

Cody: what about me

Lucas: join me and mike

Mike: yeah

Cody: ok

Brutus: alliances are the best things ever

Mike: yep

Chris: todays challenge is to go into the mine and find a gilded chris from total drama action

Mike: that is crazy

Chris: GO!

They run off

Brutus: I know a shortcut

Scott: how?

Brutus: just follow me

Scott: look at the pipsqueak mike, he's a easy person to kick off

Brutus: yeah, but we should keep him, he's fragile

Scott: whatever

Eve: ok, this is it right

Proton: I hope so

Just then boulders block the exit

Dirge: we stuck inside great

Proton: umm, are those gophers

Dirge: RUN!!

Lucas: the boulders are in the way

Mike: ugh well never find it now

Mike (breathes)

Manitoba: ok mates, stay back

Cody: mike are you ok?

Manitoba: yes mate

He starts digging a whole

Lucas: GO MIKE!

Manitoba: aye mate its Manitoba smith

Lucas: ok Manitoba smith

Manitoba: come on jump down

Mike (Breathes)

Mike: oh good we found a whole

Lucas: nice digging skills

Mike: who me?

Cody: yeah you, and who is Manitoba

Mike: ugh, my multiple personalities

Lucas: oh

Mike: come on we can't waste time

Brutus: oo a whole

Scott: lets go

They jump in it

Scott: BATS!

Brutus: you're scared of bats? hah pathetic

Scott: oh please

Brutus: heh

Proton: oo a cavern, look gold!

Rocky: huh?

Rubble: were in the wrong place, were back on the island

Proton: hey its rubble and rocky, the original peeps

Dirge: sup guys

Rocky: hey, um what is going on?

Eve: our finding gilded chris challenge

Rocky: oh that thing, its over there

Proton: thanks man!

They run off

Rocky: great now what

Mike: what the, rocky what's up man!

Rocky: oh nothing, just RANDOMLY APPEARED HERE

Rubble: we were digging a whole and we got here

Cody: you must be a good digger

Rubble: I am

Lucas: I see the gilded chris!

Mike: SWEET!

They run to it

Brutus and Scott slide down

Scott lands on his face and brutus walks over to rocky

Brutus: well if it isn't rocky

Rocky: oh no

He jumps down the whole

Rubble: oh, hey brutus um, BYE!

He jumps to

Brutus: scaredy cats

Scott: thanks for the help


Brutus: its mine!

He grabs it and runs

Mike: NO!

They run to the cabins

Chris: we found some classic competers huh, sneaky peope


Chris: yeah right, brutus you win immunity

Brutus: sweet!

Chris: others will vote

Mike: he cheated!

They go to the campfire

They all voted


He jumps on the catapult

Chris: what are you doing

Lucas: leaving

Chris: no one voted for you

Lucas: I don't care send me flying

Chris: umm, ok

He gets flung


Cody: dude he is stupid

Mike: he just blew 1 million dollars

Chris: and our other loser is, CODY!

Cody: what!

Chris: bye bye

Cody: come on that doesn't count!

Chris: nope

Mike: see ya buddy

Cody: bye (tear drop)

He gets flung

Chris: who will be our next victim to fly like a bird find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISALND!

Rubble: I'm gonna swim home

Rocky: no


Rocky: oh, see ya

Chris: ugh

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