Chris: WELCOME TOTAL DRAMA FANS! I am dropping season 3 people and I am going to have the world, sea to shining sea, unfortunately I have to share it with these lazy dogs.

A bus pulls up

Chris: from our previous season we have..... Austin,Benny,Colin,Jared,Marshall,Porter,Rocky,Ryan,Skye, and Tundra

Rocky: great to be back

Austin: you really like this show?

Rocky: no, sarcasm

Jared: I better win the million

Chris: also competing this season, Alex,Penelope,Rubble,Kiki and Blizzard (cough) sadly (cough)

Kiki: lol to good

Blizzard: I HEARD THAT

Chris: good, I hope you did

Rocky: he had to return of all people, why not Ryder or Chase, OR EVEN THE ANNOYING TOPHER

Tundra: agreed

Ryan: once again Robert isn't here

Colin: so what, I can handle it myself

Ryan: oh sure whatever

Colin: I can, and I will show you

Ryan: whatever

Alex: yeah yeah returning from season one boys

Marshall: good job Alex

Chris: and to keep things all fresh and spiced up were adding 2 new competitors

Rubble: your kidding right, we already have 22

Kiki: yeah what's the big deal?

Chris: oh wait till you see next season. Total Drama Revenge Of The Island

A helicopter flies down

Rocky: they get a special escort what the heck!

Porter: yeah Chris what is this!

Chris: she's sassy and hates everyone, it's Johana!

She gets off the bus and glares at everyone

Ryan: oh boy

Rubble: she is the new shimmer

Johana throws her luggage at Rubble


Chris: and he's nice and can charm the ladies, it's Tyler!

Tyler: HEY GUYS!

He runs and trips over his foot

Chris: the jock

Tyler: I am good at sports, dang man

Blizzard: try hard

Ryan: haha yeah

Chris: this year we have this transportation

A giant plane rolls over

Tundra: what in the world

The side door falls off

Kiki: this can't be good

Skye: this is dangerous

Chris: what will be our first location here on, Total Drama World Tour!

Commercial break

And were back

Chris: this is the interior of the plane

Blizzard: no duh

Chris: if you get eliminated this will happen

Chris grabs Blizzard and throws him out the plane

Blizzard: NO WAIT!

He starts running after the plane

Chris: all eliminations are final bro!

The camera swaps, all the contestants besides Blizzard are in the main part of the plane

Jared: so I prefer a alliance

Rocky: why bother

Porter: I'll join it

Rubble: same

Jared: see

Rocky: ok what the heck why not

Kiki: uh oh guys look

He points to the doorway

Chris walks out with a top hat and a cane

Austin: um what the

Chris: this season you will be singing!

Marshall: what the!

Chris presses the bell

Chris: SING!

Tundra: Up!

Tundra and Penelope: Up!

Tundra, Penelope, and Johana: Up!

Tundra, Penelope, Johana and Colin: Up!

Rubble: Sing!

Rubble and Tyler: Sing!

Rubble, Tyler and Jared: Sing!

Rubble, Tyler, Jared and Austin: Sing!

Tundra, Penelope, Johana, Colin, Ryan, Alex, Porter: We're flying.

Marshall, Jared, Rubble, Austin, Benny, and Tyler: And singing.

Everyone (except Rocky, Blizzard, Skye): We're flying and we're singing!

Ryan: Come fly with us!

Colin and Ryan: Come fly with us!

Alex: We've got a lot 'o crazy tunes to bust! Haha!

Penelope: Come fly with us!

Penelope and Benny: Come fly with us!

Tyler: It's a pleasure, and an honor, and a must.

Rocky: Dudes, this is messed. You're singing in a plane.

Ryan: What did you expect? Chris is freaking insane. Ah!

Skye: Yeah, but, guys, you're singing on TV!

Tundra: Haven't you always wanted to? It can't just be me!

Rubble: Come fly with us!

Rubble and Tyler: Come fly with us!

Penelope: Do you know how to steer this thing!?

Chef: I try.

Blizzard: They thought they could leave me and depart, but this stowaway's got winning in his heart!

Porter: Come fly with us! Come die with us!

Marshall: We're flying?! I hate flying! Stop the plane! (gets hit on the head with a frying pan, courtesy of Chris)

Jared, Austin, Tundra and Johana: Come fly with us! Come sing with us!

Rocky and Skye: No!

Chris: Anyone care for a copy of the season three rules? Because in order to escape instant elimination-

Johana: All contestants must sing in each show!

Tundra: Rocky, do it! Let's go!

Marshall: Skye, sing it! Don't go!

Skye: Well, I don't wanna go home. Come fly with us! Come fly with us! Come and fly with us!

Tundra: Rocky, come on! Please?

Rocky: This sucks!

Everyone (except Rocky, Blizzard and Austin): Yeah!

Rocky: finally it's over

Kiki: yeah

Chris: good singing all

Tundra: I actually enjoyed it

Blizzard runs up from the bottom department

Blizzard: what the shizzle man

Chris: I am sorry, and I forgive you

Blizzard: what?

Chris: we are heading to Egypt!

The plane lands and they jump out

Chris: what will our challenge be, and who will be going home? Find out next time on, Total, Drama, Worrrrrrrrrrld Tourrrrrrrrrr!

Rocky: seriously...

Kiki: what is that?

All credit goes to the producers of Total Drama for the song, Come Fly With Us.

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