Total Drama Paw Patrol Wikia

==13 brand spanking new competitors, battle out for 1 million dollars at where total drama started, but the island is highly intoxicated. None of the contestants from TDI,TDA,and TDWT compete, but cameos. All of them cameo in the first episode on a yacht, but throughout the season, people make cameos. Characters that cameo: Kiki,Ryan,Benny,Tundra,Rocky,Chase,Rubble,

Total Drama Revenge Of The Island elimination Table[]

Participant Last Team Status Placement Reason voted off
Andrew Toxic Rats 1st voted out 13th He said that his team was horrible, they took it seriously and they all voted him out
Doty Toxic Rats 2nd voted out 12th He didn't admit to his embarrsing moment in truth or lazer shark, so they voted him off
Kelly Toxic Rats 3rd voted out 11th He was the one who set up the big block of ice, and made his team loose
Jamie Toxic Rats 4th voted out 10th She pushed Brutus out of the way and she kept missing the targets
Timothy Mutant Maggots 5th Eliminated 9th He made them lose by throwing dirt on the yeti and he said that he quitted when the challenge was over
Lucas Toxic Rats 6th quitted 8th He ran out of candy and he couldn't survive without it so he left
Cody Mutant Maggots 7th voted out 7th Brutus,Scott,Eve,Dirge,and proton voted them so they could keep their alliances
Mike Mutant Maggots 8th chosen out 6th Scott and Brutus changed him into Vito and they tricked him into working for him, Scott chose Mike to be eliminated
Eve Mutant Maggots 9th voted out 5th The others voted her out