7 of the original cast, and 7 of the Revenge Of The Island cast, compete on 2 teams Heroic Hamsters and Villainous Vultures, for 1 million dollars, this is part 1 of season 5, Total Drama Pahkitew Island is the other part of season 5


Colin didn't return because he had enough interactions with Ryan in TDWT

Ryder was supposed to return but didnt make the cut along with Chase and Robert

From revenge Andrew was supposed to make it but he had enough interactions with Kelly

Kiki was supossed to be a intern but he quit in practice along with Marshall and Timothy

Tyler was gonna return but got replaced by Tundra

Original cast: Austin,Blizzard,Jared,Johana,Rocky,Ryan,Tundra

Revenge cast: Brutus,Cody,Doty,Jamie,Kelly,Mike,Scott

Heroic Hamsters: Austin,Cody,Jamie,Jared,Mike,Rocky,Tundra

Villainous Vultures: Blizzard,Brutus,Doty,Johana,Kelly,Ryan,Scott

Not competing from original cast: Chase,Benny,Ryder,Topher,Porter,Shimmer,Mia,Robert,Colin,Skye,Zuma,Kiki,Penelope,Lilac,Marshall,Rubble,Alex,Tyler

Not competeteing from revenge of the island: Andrew,Dirge,Eve,Lucas,Proton,Timothy

14th: Jamie

Team: Heroic Hamsters

13th: Kelly

Team: Villianous Vultures

12th: Johana

Team: Villianous Vultures

11th: Cody

Team: Heroic Hamsters

10th: Rocky

Team: Villainous Vultures/Heroic Hamsters

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