This is Total Drama Island, 22 competers battle out to try to win 1 million dollars


==Robert,Ryan, and Colin are the only related pups in the series. Mostly Ryan and Colin have conflicts, surprisingly only Ryan and Colin were in the same 3 seasons but Robert only in 1.
== Austin and Kiki are sort of related because they are long lost step brothers.

Blizzard didn't advance to TDA because he didn't want to be with Tundra or Rocky

Ryder didn't because he didn't want to be cheated out again by Ryan

Kiki didn't because he didnt care about the show and said it was stupid, but he eventually returns in the awesome race

Everyone else had plans

Total Drama Island elimination Table

Participant Last Team Status Placement Reason voted off
Blizzard Killer Bass 1st eliminated 22nd He picked on alot of people so they decided to vote him off
Ryder Killer Bass 2nd Cheated out 21st Ryan changed the votes oringally Kiki was to be out but due to the change Ryan picked Ryder out
Topher Screaming Gophers 3rd voted out 20th Ryan told the team that Topher took pictures of them and drew on them which he didn't but still got eliminated due to Ryan's lie
Kiki Killer Bass 4th voted out 19th He didn't help in the cooking challenge so they voted him off
Benny Screaming Gophers 5th voted out 18th Ryan blamed him for throwing a stick at Skye in the talent show but really Ryan threw it
Shimmer Killer Bass 6th voted out 17th Shimmer fell asleep during the deer challenge and she got caught by Rocky And Tundra

Screaming Gophers

7th voted out 16th Porter was in th other teams area and he got found and it was a double elim so him and shimmer both got eliminated
Alex Screaming Gophers 8th chosen out 15th Ryan got to chose 2 people out in the bike race challenge so he chose Alex and Rubble
Rubble Killer Bass 9th chosen out 14th Ryan got to chose 2 people out on the bike race so he chose Alex and Rubble
Zuma Killer Bass 10th eliminated 13th He got there last in the race and got eliminated
Robert Killer Bass 11th eliminated 12th He also got last place in the race so he got eliminated to
Ryan Screaming Gophers 12th voted out


Everyone wanted him out so after the dodgeball challenge everyone voted him out
Lilac Killer Bass 13th eliminated 10th She was the last one to arrive at the top in the rock climbing challenge so she got eliminated
Penelope Killer Bass 14th voted out 9th Everyone got sick of her crying about Lilac being eliminated


Killer Bass 15th eliminated 8th The challenge was not to be touched or caught by any of the animals but the bear touched Chase and he got eliminated
Skye Screaming Gophers 16th quited 7th She quitted because she missed Chase and she wanted to see him again
Tundra Screaming Gophers 17th voted out 6th Jared decided to vote her out when he won the race up the creek challenge
Marshall Screaming Gophers 18th voted out 5th

At the voting Rocky toldAustin and Jared to vote Marshall out

Rocky Screaming Gophers 19th chosen out 4th Jared won the skateboard race challenge and he voted Rocky out
Jared Screaming Gophers 20th eliminated 3rd In the final challenge he was in last place
Austin Screaming Gophers 21st/22nd eliminated 1st/2nd In the final challenge Colin beat Austin, in other conditions Austin beat Colin
Colin Killer Bass
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