14 of the oringal cast plus 2 new ones and 1 new one joining in episode 9 compete for 1 million bucks around the world!

Confirmed oringal cast: Blizzard,Benny,Porter,Alex,Rubble,Ryan,Penelope,Skye,Tundra,Marshall,Jared,Rocky,Austin,Colin

3 brand new characters: Tyler,Johana, Mia (joins episode 9)

Not competing: Ryder,Topher,Kiki,Shimmer,Zuma,Lilac,Chase,and Robert

Team Amazon: Austin,Benny,Jared,Johana,Rocky

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot: Blizzard,Porter,Ryan,Tyler,Tundra

Team Victory: Alex,Colin,Marshall,Penelope,Rubble,Skye

Total Drama World Tour elimination Table

Participant Last Team Status Placement Reason voted off
Alex Team Victory 1st voted out 17th He was the one who gave them the idea to climb the pyramid
Colin Team Victory 2nd voted out 16th Him and Ryan fought to much so the rest of the team had enough so they voted him out
Skye Team Victory 3rd voted out 15th She got her paw stuck to a pole, and the rest of the team thought she would be useless and they decided to vote her out
Marshall Team Victory 4th voted out 14th He went the wrong way in the first part, which got them in last and then made them lose the challenge
Penelope Team Victory 5th elimanted 13th Her and rubble had a tie breaker to pull a 200 pound log, rubble won and she got elimanted
Porter Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 6th Injured 12th When the plane crash landed, a piece landed on him, and he got injured and got elimanted
Rubble Team Victory 7th Elimanted 11th He lost the tie breaker, he was the last Victory member so he had to go home
Benny Team Amazon 8th voted out 10th Ryan, Blizzard, and Johana had a talk to vote out benny, so they did and he got elimanted
Blizzard Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 9th voted out 9th He backstabbed ryan, and ryan told everyone else to vote out blizzard
Ryan Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 10th voted out 8th He didn't get along with Mia, he was kinda rude to her, she told everyone else to vote him out
Mia None 11th elimanted 7th She arrived after jared, but the last 2 had to go home
Jared Team Amazon 12th elimanted 6th He arrived before mia, but the last 2 had to leave and go home
Austin Team Amazon 13th elimanted 5th Johana won the challenge, and decided to vote him out
Tyler Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 14th elimanted 4th Johana voted him before the finale
Rocky Team Amazon 15th elimanted 3rd He lost to johana in the tie breaker for the final 2
Johana Team Amazon 16th/17th elimanted 1st/2nd Her and tundra were to destroy some figure and tundra beat johana, but in other countries johana would've won
Tundra Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot 16th/17th elimanted 1st/2nd She beat johana in the final challenge
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